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            ONLINE STORE

            Copper Tungsten Contact

            Product Name:Copper Tungsten ContactPlace of Origin:Gau, China (Mainland)Brand ...

            Moving Arc Contact

            Product Name:Moving Arc ContactPlace of Origin:Gau, China (Mainland)Brand Name:...


            Why Choose Us

            We are specialized in manufacturing electrical alloy materials. Our product ranges include electrical alloy contact products, refractory metals products and powder metallurgy products and materials with wear resistance, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance properties, which are widely used in circuit breakers field of power transmission and aerospace industry.

            Advantages of Tianshui XD:

            1. Professional in the production of electrical alloy material and contacts

            2. We have made high-voltage contacts for forty years.

            3. Leading the development of tungsten based high-voltage in the research of new products and process improvement.

            4. Reached and exceeded the requirement of GB8320.

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